You Make Me Wanna Tie-Dye

I’m going to put this one out there- Tie Dye is making a comeback.

I remember throwing away yards of oddly dyed material, dancing around in washed out jeans and tops at folk festivals and decorating my ceiling with sun moon and stars stickers.

Of all the things that have recently gone full circle, tie dye was always the least likely.

For a select group of the population, tie never dyed (!). Modern day hippies still make pilgrimage to Stonehenge every year, to smoke a bifta and lay around worshipping the sun. Unfortunately life isn’t so free spirited as it was back in the day when fashion gave birth to the dye, don’t quote me but I’m not sure you can even get close to the sacred stones anymore without setting off your ASBO tag. Still, the cliché of tie dye lived on through the 90’s and noughties, most often spied on the back of a dreadlocked hippie called Swampy who had cuffed his ankles to a tree. Apparently tie dye can be traced all the way back to 618-906 A.D and the T’ang dynasty in China. There has even been suggestion that Joseph’s Technicolor dreamcoat was in fact (gasp) tie dye – next they’ll be saying he was wearing acid wash treggings with it.

You may think tie dye is yet to surface, but it is all around us- subtly disguised in flowery patterns or fading, just waiting for you to cast a fresh, unsuspecting eye over it. This is the 2010 hippie, and she doesn’t even realise it.

Spot the Tie Dye