Sneaker Pimp



I’m working on a project with my old friend Jennie. Jennie studies fashion at Nottingham Trent, dresses models at London Fashion Week and does internships with Mary Portas…Jeals?

As a social experiment, I’m wearing a pair of New Balance trainers as much as possible for three weeks, recording comments and acting as a ‘connector’. I’m not sure how much influence I’m having on people walking around central London but I guess we’ll see in a few months… I’m not much of a trainer wearer, and I thought NB were all about sports runners but I picked out a pair of amazing hi-tops which I am genuinely in love with. I’ll be posting a picture of them soon, let’s just say they have sparked comments of ‘awesome’ and ‘fit’ around the office and flat.

One part of the project is recording every brand I use, every day. I have never really thought about how many brands I interact with on a daily basis and chronicling them has been quite an eye-opener. By the time I’ve reached work in the morning I have already raced through Colgate, Twinings, GHD, not to mention the plethora of cosmetics- I almost felt ashamed- then I remembered I don’t wear half as much make-up as I probably should. Then I’m off again, using Oyster (is that a brand?) my iPod, chatting on my Blackberry, stopping off for breakfast at Pret and starting up my computer. I’ve only been recording this for three days and I’m already wondering…am I stuck in a rut? Perhaps I should start mixing things up a bit? Drink a different brand of tea? Is this really living?

It’s an interesting proposition- do the brands we use begin to define us, slowly and surely? One thing I can say is that every day, something on my list is guaranteed to be from Topshop but I have never considered myself a New Balance girl, so perhaps I’ve introduced a bit of flavour into my wardrobe…

Baby Steps.