Cabinet Fever

It’s been one exciting week.

First Nick was getting his Clegg over with Dave, then we thought he might be taking it Brown but obviously that’s close to illegal. Finally it ended with a nice little love-in outside number 10, a well-timed ‘nuzzle’ by D.Cam to Sam Cam… and I’m done.

There’s always quite the furore regarding first- lady fashion and was looking particularly beautious as she made her debut at Hugh Grant’s place. All this suddenly set my heart soaring back to the 80’s, as it does daily (to the distress of the work dress code) and the great lady herself- M.Thatch. Love her or hate her, she has left an undeniable mark on Britain today. Perhaps it was the over-zealous T-love by my sixth-form history teacher, or the constant Thatchering from my parents, but for a time I formed a mild obsession with the woman. I even wrote an A-level project on the personal life of Lady – T; granted I got a terrible grade, but I think my vision was clouded by this fascination with what makes such a person.

With election fever still very much rolling, I started looking back through Google’s own photo collection and admiring Thatche’s fashion. Even her hair started to appeal to me, notably Kelly Osborne is currently sporting a suspiciously similar style. The woman had style, that’s for sure- she was like what gran would look like if she accidentally rolled into Vivienne Westwood on the way back from buying her bowls ticket and hiding from the Rag & Bone man.

I predict a Tory- riot; young toffs donning navy power suits, the Dalston massive requesting a Thatch for their thatch and general excitement surrounding what the new cabinet is wearing. We’ve been wearing brown for seasons, it’s time for something a bit brighter.