Daily Fail

I have a guilty pleasure; not really ‘cool’ or ‘fashionable’ but I can’t stop myself. Yes you’ve guessed it I’m addicted to the Daily Mail. As a youngster I was always brought up with The Sunday Times (large version) with its sprawling pages and numerous inserts- at the end of it all I was left with the Style section which I collected religiously for years. The Sunday morning paper reading was a ritual in my house, as it was in many of my friends’ houses but as time has gone on and digital has taken over, the newspaper is no longer a part of my life- save for a decadent Sunday where I casually stroll to the corner shop.

The internet has made everybody into a pseudo-journalist, we can write what we like, when we like, get our facts from Wikipedia and Google and image source without asking anyone’s permission. It has also led to a huge fragmentation in press titles. Where once our parents swore loyalty to a particular publication, based on political views, our generation is press-promiscuous. Freedom of speech and opening channels through the internet is all well and good (great, infact) but it has its dangers. My obsession with the Daily Mail is only the start, I find myself indulging in crack pot news stories, which make me so angry that I actually register and leave a comment. The latest was the Daily Mail/Giles Coren story about the Sky News sexism row, ‘So why is it all right for women to be sexist about MEN?’. The guy had some valid points at the start of his article, even I had been thinking ‘I bet this wouldn’t have happened if it was the other way round’, but then he started talking about his misspent youth, his fear of sex, and describing Women as jumped up sexual predators with insatiable libidos and the balls of Margaret Thatcher.

The real turning point of the article was his comment, ‘Women are far meaner, more brutal, aggressive, small-minded, jealous, petty and venal than any man’. There is no point in even addressing whether this is true or false; the very fact that it exists in his article means it loses all credibility and becomes a hypocritical sham, disguised as journalism.

Poor Giles, perhaps you should go back to criticising food, at least it can’t answer back.

I Blog Therefore…I Am?

I was watching an episode of Ugly Betty recently where Betty was honoured for her newly founded blog with a ‘Blobby’ award. A funny episode (Mark and Amanda still crack me up), and probably a bit late in the day to point out that a blog is a fantastic way to tell people what you think, a tool like no other, if you haven’t managed to break in to the impenetrable journalistic world.

There are many reasons to love having a blog, not only is it a good way to show who you are, you can tell all your friends and they think you’re really cool… right?

Anyway, Blackberry have teamed up with Vice Style on an interesting feature called ‘Love Blogging’ feat. some of the most talked about bloggers of the moment, including Disney Roller Girl and Bip Ling. Interesting to hear their thoughts on why they love blogging and also to hear the guest interviews Vice have put together- I knew I loved Florence Welch, but how much more do I love Aldene Johnson, her stylist?!

I’ve always quite admired Blackberry’s approach to marketing, more subtle and under the radar than Apple- Blair Waldorf uses a Blackberry and now so do I. Creating features like this not only raises the profile of blogging as a whole, it massively encourages people to check out and follow the featured blogs. Hats off.Blates.

Check out the latest video here