Le freak, c’est chic.

Whilst some of us are sitting in our bedrooms thinking about doing something meaningful with our lives, others are busy making hay while the sun shines; my friend Pam is one of them. We all like to think we could turn our hand to something creative; photography, fashion or entrepreneurship, but Pam has poured her talent in to the fantastic project ‘Accessory Freaks‘ and is starting to see the fruits of her labour pay off big time. Pam was recently named Designer of the Month by Seven Halos magazine, and she’s clearly got far to go promoting her ‘Street Chic’ products.

The custom made jewellery on the site is right up my street. Statement necklaces, rings, earrings, buttons and cufflinks are being snapped up from every angle and have garnered quite the celebrity following. Most recently a bespoke ‘OMG’ necklace was worn by up and coming singer Rye Rye in her video for a collaboration with edgy songstress Robyn. Exciting times over at the AF camp.

Hurry over to the site and grab some investment pieces whilst they’re fresh and follow on Twitter for the latest and best accessory news.