A month in the life…



Reading has been pitiful recently, the winter months make me sad and in the morning when I’d usually have a solid hour to read, I have been deep in sleep on the bus. I have managed to re-read The Virgin Suicides this month, just because it is such easy reading and one of my favourite books. I have a stack of books to read when I’m on holiday in three weeks:

– Jeffrey Eugenides; Middlesex & The Marriage Plot
– Bret Easton Ellis- Less than zero
– Irvine Welsh- Porno


We started holding a weekly film night with two of our friends; we provide the ‘gourmet’ cooking and they provide interesting conversation. So, there has been a lot of film watching, with and without them:

– Bridesmaids
– The Virgin Suicides
– V for Vendetta
– Leon
– True Romance
– Melancholia

The Virgin Suicides is a great adaptation of the novel; it does leave you wanting more answers than you receive, which can quickly be sought by reading the book. I was pleasantly surprised by Bridesmaids, which promised to be ‘The funniest film of the year’- a bold claim. Having the sense of humour of a thirteen year old boy, I was dubious but the film is actually genuinely funny. Without prejudice, I didn’t expect the Americans to be able to invent a ‘Bridget Jones’ style character with any comedic gravitas but Kristen Wiig pulls off the role with such style- a likeable, funny and humble lead role. There were many laugh out loud moments in that one- and that’s praise coming from someone who only finds three films funny.

Style Obsessions

After watching Melancholia and The Virgin Suicides in quick succession, I realised what I have been missing all this time; Kirsten Dunst is a bonefide style icon. Thank you Kirsten Dunst, you inspired me to cut my hair.