Top Shelf

I was banned from Topshop.

I banned myself, I need to save money this month for the shining light that is Glastonbury! However, Bank Holiday came around and I decided I was in need of a little shopping therapy. I imposed a rule that I could, in fact go shopping, as long as I only purchased items that could be worn/used at said festival. Obviously this rule was easily bent to fit anything I saw, wanted, needed and the like.

The mecca that is Topshop lured me in as usual, and I decided to check out the make-up collection. The only other shops I can think of with make-up collections are a) H&M – think fake Hello Kitty on acid and b) Primark- too horrific to even contemplate, so let’s just say I wasn’t holding out any hope for Toppers to have come up with anything good.

Wrong. I sort of loved the collection (and I don’t usually say that, unless inebriated). The lip polish is luscious and smells heavenly and the eye crayons are thick, gold and ready to be applied to your eyes, cheeks, even lips- if you are like me and predicting gold lipstick as the next big thing. Yes please. I tested the gold crayon on my hand. The crayon didn’t come off throughout the day, after I tested- Clinique even better, No.7 Protect and Perfect and a plethora of moisturisers…great but slightly worrying.

Looks like I will be gold-tinted post Glastonbury. Watch out corporate world.